Providing Air Duct Cleaning Services and Indoor Air Quality Products and Services to Lewisburg, Mifflinburg, Selinsgrove, PA and Surrounding Areas

If you haven't thought about the air quality of your home or business, it's time to start paying attention. At The HVAC Guys, we work hard to provide a full range of effective and economical indoor air quality services in Hughesville, Lewisburg, Mifflinburg, Muncy, Selinsgrove, Williamsport, PA, and the surrounding areas.

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Feel the Impact of Improved Indoor Air Quality

If you're like most people, you probably spend a majority of your time indoors. While you may not realize it, this means you could be exposing yourself to polluted air on a regular basis. From dust and dander to volatile organic compounds (VOCs), the typical home plays host to a variety of airborne contaminants. In addition to offending your olfactory system, these pollutants can be detrimental to your body. Fortunately, most air pollution problems can be effectively mitigated with the right tools and equipment. By cleaning up these microscopic hazards, you can:

  • Enjoy better health and wellness
  • Experience more restful and relaxing sleep
  • Eliminate dust and unpleasant odors

Invest in Air Quality with The HVAC Guys

From Muncy to Selinsgrove and beyond, The HVAC Guys is the Susquehanna Valley's one-stop-shop for indoor air quality solutions. As a full-service HVAC contractor, we combine advanced technical expertise with high-end residential and commercial equipment. Whatever the issue, our experts can analyze your air quality needs and help you find effective, affordable treatment options.

For an all-in-one air quality management solution, we believe the Air Scrubber by Aerus is second to none. The innovative Air Scrubber uses patented technology to generate powerful oxidizers and disperse them throughout your living space. In addition to eliminating ordinary particulates, this approach also helps protect against everything from VOCs to microscopic pathogens. Within hours, the Air Scrubber can neutralize over 99% of contaminants.

Enjoy Affordable Air Duct Cleaning

Your HVAC system may be equipped with basic air filters, but that doesn't mean it's helping your air quality. As air travels through your ductwork, it often carries and deposits dust and other particulate matter. Incredibly, the air ducts in an average home can collect up to 40 pounds of dirt in a single year.

Needless to say, having 40 pounds of dirt in your ductwork can wreak havoc on your indoor air quality. It can also affect the performance and longevity of your HVAC equipment, increasing wear and tear and compromising airflow. We use powerful air duct cleaning equipment to break up stubborn deposits and flush out dust, leaving your ductwork squeaky clean.

Everyone deserves to feel confident that the air they're breathing is clean and healthy. To learn more about the importance of indoor air quality management, call the experts at The HVAC Guys today.

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